The great adventure boat ride the Iguazu falls


The great adventure of navigating the Iguazu to the mouth of the Garganta del Diablo
It is an adventure experience. Water falls from eighty meters high and breaks against the river with overwhelming force. The experience is unique and exciting.
and to cross the jungle by jeep, meander through the thick vegetation along a road of red earth, between tall and skinny trees, lianas which twine on the trunks, fall from the branches, hidden among green, fresh, wet leaves glow whenever the wheels biting the edge of the footprint left other marches, other days, rainy perhaps, always hot, and if the eye rises are lost in the thicket.

At the top, a bird that is not reached to see, it flutters strongly frightened by the purr of the engine and clicks of cameras. On one side, confused with vegetation, he stretches a cappuccino while looking askance at the metal monster that creeps tumbling. Not only, the clan, the family surrounding meekly. One of the females, slighter, lighter, off-hook to his side; one of the small clings tackles a stick that distance seems dry; all have wide open and fixed on the strange visitor who moves his feet heavily eyes.

It is a short distance, ending at the top of a narrow concrete staircase that breaks without leaving see where it goes. After a few steps down the brown waters of the river, a dark sand beach and a barge that sways gently tied to a wooden jetty seen. Before closing down the lifeguard must take the advice of the guides should be well tied and not to remove it for the world.

The recommendation is no more. Simply turning the head, I look upriver, to understand why so much zeal. In the distance, but not so much that you can not feel his strength, the noise that makes the crashing water crashing against water, falls Devil’s Throat, the most imposing and wild Iguazu waterfalls. Not afraid, but intimidates, is pure foam, nerve, steam, a roar that emerges from the depths and rises to heaven where small flocks of birds fly madly from side to side.

“They are swifts nest in the rocks behind the waterfall,” says hoarsely Michael, one of the boatmen while winding arm thick jute ropes that tied the boat. The engine starts strong, the bow of the barge rises and waters are split in the middle while the tour group, suddenly dumbfounded, see how the waterfall is getting bigger. They go straight to the higher water fall of 275 Iguazu Falls and just have a look to understand why it was chosen as one of the new seven wonders of the world.

Move quickly, without speaking, hands gripping the back of the seats, not daring to take the cameras, although dying to immortalize the moment. Nobody says, no one complains, but the relentless advance of the barge’s restless. And no wonder, the force of nature is a looming threat. Fortunately, at the last moment, when they are already on the mouth of the fall, a sharp turn of the wheel brings back the soul to the body.

Devil’s Throat behind us, but ahead the waterfall Three Musketeers appears unexpectedly, this time there is no brake or change direction, the boat is just below the water fall and passengers, perplexed, are soaked. Nobody complains, everyone laughs, guys celebrated as the dip. The pilot did not give them time to think and returns to the fray, climbs the hull with a new stroke engine and puts forward the jump San Martin, no one is surprised when they return to be under the heavy rain. Not hot, it is well into the autumn, but the sun is intense. Nomás in a while will again be dry, no doubt, meanwhile enjoy the carnival. The barge makes a final pass under the waterfall, another exclamation bursts, and gives a wide U-turn to start back. Before returning to the mainland still walk more, off the coast of the island San Martin, who from the water looks like Pandora, the moon imagined James Cameron for his science fiction film “Avatar”.
Reality surpasses fiction. The promenade, which have been called “The Great Adventure” takes just under half an hour and seems endless. However, when the boat moors and it’s time to feel down is inevitable wanting more. There is a long and strenuous climb before returning to the jeep, but do not feel tired, adrenaline sailing in turbulent waters below the falls, strengthens the legs. Turn on the mood.

The ascent is a cinch. With a stunning view, at every turn of the staircase a different falls, a dream landscape, a photo for framing or for sharing on Facebook. The walk to the shuttle back holds more than one surprise, coatis, lords and masters of the place, walk in groups looking for food. Hops also hidden, such as Lanusse, who drops very deep, so it would be an irresistible temptation for a diver from Acapulco.

Facing the old pavilion Gendarmerie, which is being remodeled to make it a five-star accommodation, awaits the vehicle that returned to the city. a good time that was Garganta del Diablo ago, but the agitation causes have it close at hand persists. It’s a unique feeling, a slight tremor in the hands, a ragged breath, wanting to tell all and, at the same time. Before the end of the magic.

Useful data
♦ Iguazu Grand, four-star casino hotel, the most luxurious of Puerto Iguazu located in the natural environment of the highly endangered.

♦ Iguazu National Park, a protected area of 67,620 hectares. In its surroundings there are 2,000 species of native plants, 450 species of birds and 80 mammals. The average temperature is 15 degrees in winter and 30 in summer.

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