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Bird Park in Foz do Iguacu

The Bird Park of Iguazu is a private enterprise, located in Foz do Iguacu, in the Brazilian state of Parana. This Bird park of foz do Iguazu is set in the midst of lush subtropical forest, in one of the regions most hermosasdel world, where you can see colorful tropical birds and rarity.
Birds that there are exhibited, are housed in large nurseries, many of them open, allowing visitors to join them to experience closely how these birds live.
In addition to the stock of birds, the park has a collection of anacondas, boas, caimans, marmosets and different butterflies, which are the delight of visitors, arousing wonder and curiosity.

Features Parque das Aves
The Parque das Aves has appropriate infrastructure that allows you to offer visitors all the necessary comfort, respecting the ecological space created, but in turn, providing the visitor the necessary services.
Access to exhibit facilities is done through a complex paths also offer devices for people with special needs, for example, ramps for wheelchairs. It also offers a souvenir shop and a cafe.
One of the greatest charms of the park is that it offers us the opportunity to see up close and listen to a wide variety of resident birds of the jungle region, in a didactic and enjoyable journey.
Among the examples on display we can find toucans, parrots, ostriches, flamingos, partridges, hummingbirds, etc. Some of these birds have feathers specially adapted for camouflage in lush vegetation, while others, conversely, have very colorful and bright plumage, contrasting with the jungle background.
The Parque das Aves is very close to the entrance to the National Park Foz do Iguacu, at kilometer 21 of the highway. You can get to the park from the center by urban transport bus, Line 120.
The tour of the park is extensive and can take about an hour and a half. During the event, visitors can approach the copies and be photographed with them. They are even allowed to take pictures with some snakes.
This park has as premises, respect for animals and their needs, and respect for the visitors.

Bird watching in Surucuá, Puerto Iguazu

The life of the jungle keeps unique species. Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge is the ideal place for bird watching site. You just have to know how to look and photograph.
Just two hours from the Iguazu Falls is a place designed for unforgettable experiences in full contact with nature, with solutions based on the discovery of jungle life activities.

Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge is a refuge in the jungle surrounded by protected areas, where it provides accommodation, cuisine, ecotourism and adventure, all under the watchful care of its owners.

In these trails and accompanied by guides, guests can interpret the mysteries and the main features of the highly endangered, watching the trees and shrubs that make up the different strata, and hearing the sounds caused by different species of birds and insects.
Also, dazzling beautiful and colorful orchids and butterflies, and observe the traces of the wildlife that inhabits the area and finish the tour with an exceptional view of the Iguazu River.

A night walk makes guests feel the transformation of the jungle when night falls, heightening all his senses to distinguish the sounds of nocturnal wildlife and forms that blend with the darkness.

Navigating the Iguazu River in kayaks prints to experience a component of fast soft adventure trail without neglecting safety. A fun way for young and old will mimic this watercourse and look at everything from the water.
Plying the river can be seen islets villages of herons, bird and plant species related to water and, with a little luck, some of the animals like otters, alligators and capybaras. All framed by a landscape of jungle.

In addition, an extensive network of trails for bird watching, photography, species identification, observation of orchids, butterflies and insects is part of Surucuá Reserva & Ecolodge.

The reserve is located across the Iguazú National Park by 101, 25 kilometers from the town of Andresito route. There, Laura and Adrian are waiting to learn and enjoy the exuberance of the jungle missionary and to realize the dreams of who comes to this place.

A treat for those who dare.

Guira Oga, the Birds house

Impossible not to visit this place during our stay in Puerto Iguazu. The house of birds is one of the best options created by man to get close to nature.

Just visitor comes to Güirá Oga, he is immediately clear brochures or by guide who makes the place is unlike anything. It is a center of rescue, rehabilitation and rearing wildlife.

The idea of rescue, recover and reintroduce specimens that come to this place, either by being injured, seized or have been donated by individuals unrepentant, is the way the fauna of the province came to this place of Puerto Iguazu.

Just tour the facility to realize not only the love that is here for the animals, but also maturity and judgment with which we talk about the subject.

Not always, and this we learned during our journey, animals are reinserted in the ecosystem, the main objective of the site. Often the animal loses some of its powers and is not to be free again, which would make him easy prey if it is left in the freedom of the jungle.

The Güirá Oga Center is located on an area of 19 hectares, which is called “protected landscape” under the name of Andrés Giai, in honor of the renowned naturalist.

The place has an interesting and centenarian vegetation cover, with trees up to 30 meters high. They have identified about 40 different species, with about 50 kinds of butterflies constantly flying over the jungle environment.

The tour of the place begins in a projection room where we move visually in missionary territory and began to throb a wealth of species, which will see during the ride.

On board a vehicle prepared for this adventure, visitors are watching the different animals that houses the center. Among these are coatis, monkeys, toucans, wild turkeys, parrots and gucamayos, Macucos, hawks, eagles and owls, among many others.
But beyond that observed animals, which should be highlighted is the expertise that guides put at the service of each participant. Each animal has its name, its history and often a story that brought him there.
In these details lies the love you have for each of the species that inhabit the park, either forever because it is not possible to reintegrate into the jungle or transient time, until the animal has fully recovered to return to be free.

This is a clear example of correct work is supported by private funds because, as with most good Argentine projects, does not have any subsidies or the national state or the provinces or in power. Perhaps this is the advantage to endure over time.

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