Gastronomic tour in Puerto Iguazu

The city of Puerto Iguazu built in recent years first class cuisine, which succeeded perfectly harmonize the flavors of regional cuisine with the author. A delight made in Iguazu.
The cuisine of the city of Puerto Iguazu is really fascinating. The variety of cards, dishes and even flavors manages to attract not only those in the city during their stay, but also prominent guests from the neighboring towns of Fox Iguaçú (Brazil) and Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), who decide cross the bridge to enjoy good food.

Picasso, Dali … eat at the Boutique Hotel de la Fonte

Matteo Lagostena is an international chef who dedicated his life to discover aromas and flavors meet, and became a student of local products that makes quests with each of the dishes of his own restaurant.

Located in a tropical setting 400 meters from the landmark of the Tres Fronteras and the center of Puerto Iguazu, this restaurant is impeccable and manages to those who visit never want to retire. Its architectural and scenic beauty accomplish this, not to mention their dishes and the constant creations of the author, who passionately confessed several times when cooking is inspired by Picasso, Dali and Pollock, nothing less.

The story goes that Matteo met his wife Simona and from that moment was born Boutique Hotel de la Fonte, a unique place where every visitor feel at peace also feel careful all the time. The proposal of the kitchen is “Italian tradition in local key”, thanks to the contribution of fresh and organic that the homeowner is also responsible for getting goods. A jewel in the jungle.

Bocamora, Grill and Wine Gastronomy

Bocamora is located on the banks of the Iguazu River, right in the place where it meets the Parana River. Located on the promenade of the Costanera Avenue and just 5 minutes from downtown, we are minutes from the various attractions that Puerto Iguazu.

Bocamora Grill and Wine Gourmet is a restaurant high level achieved since its inception satisfy the most discerning palates of this tourist destination, they manage to be one of the must-see places at lunchtime. Gourmet cooking dishes, dishes of the region and of course, the best meat Argentina Bocamora make a heavenly place where unique recipes are combined with a fascinating view of the 3 borders. A perfect cellar, nourished young wines to labels of the most famous high-end brands. Bocamora, a unique experience in an unforgettable place.

La rueda, a classic Puerto Iguazu

Flavors, quality, service, friendliness, dedication, experience, grandeur, and on and on. It came in 1975. Having been in the wheel is synonymous with Puerto Iguazu know. Famous for one of its protagonists when comments from locals and visitors, the surubí Garganta del Diablo is one of the delights of this restaurant all the time offers your best gastronomy. They stand their meats, pastas, fish and birds.
The menu offers a wide selection of dishes. Merges regional products based on the traditional international cuisine; including excel river fish and the best cuts of meat Argentina well as the beef sausage and tenderloin. Located in the heart of Puerto Iguazu, a few meters from everything and run by its owners, The Wheel is an amazing place, where good food and warmth are natural and can be enjoyed from the very moment you enter.


The Quincho del Tio Querido, an exquisite Grill

If there is a grill in Puerto Iguazu level, where you can watch live at all times and feelings of good food and grill and its innards, that place is El Quincho del Tio Querido. Classic of classics in Puerto Iguazu, stand here meats and offal, poultry and pasta, sauces and united in copyright and accompanied by the best wines achieve prolong the stay of each of the diners. The exquisiteness of their flesh, which the arsenal and experience of its steakhouses adds, is something that gives added value to each of the dishes arrive at the table. For all this, visit El Quincho Dear Uncle is something we should not stop doing if we are in the city of Puerto Iguazu.


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