Argentinean side tour

Full day tour to the Argentinean side of the Iguazu Falls

The visit to the Falls on the Argentine side is the tour you can not miss on your vacation package to Iguazu falls because from the Argentine side of the falls you can fell the power of the water meanwhile from the Brazilian side you just can watch the falls.

Learn how to live the iguazu falls to the maximum in your vacation packafe reading this note!

Iguazu Falls Vacation Packages

To visit the falls on the Argentine side you need a full day. Once you arrive at Iguazu National Park you can make several excursions that we described below:

Jungle Train

This is an ecological train circuit which circulates in the middle of the jungle and along the river, and letting you move within the park and access the various gateways.

Jungle train in the Iguazu Falls

Superior walk

Superior walk of the Iguazu FallsIt’s a walk of total length 1100 meters in total round trip; there are not stairs in this circuit but you will transit by elevated walkways over the main falls. It has a total panoramic view of the falls from above, and a splendid view of the Iguazu River Delta, with its islands full of vegetation. Of the three traditional tours is one that requires less effort. The walk can be done safely in an hour.

Lower walk

Lower circuit iguazu fallsIt is a circular walk of about 1200 meters total, which allows you to observe most of the falls, from different perspectives: the front and below, with broad prospects or direct contact. You can even enjoy to have a shower below the the falls Bossetti if you wish. These catwalks also allow you to experience the jungle. It will take you two hours; you must take into account that this walk has many steps, so that if one takes the total distance is equivalent to climbing a building of eight floors.

Iguazu Falls Vacation Packages


Devil’s Throat

Devil's Throat Iguazu FallsIn this fascinating show is accessible through the Train to the Falls, down the Devil’s Throat Station. From there to do a walk through one of the new catwalks, which runs 1000 meters meandering among the islands, up to a large balcony right on the edge of the Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat). The total duration of this tour is two hours. See at the Office of Public Service departure times of trains, especially the latter. It is an easy walk, no stairs.

San Martin Island

If you have time, you can cross to the island, with a free boat ride leaving from the Lower walk. If once on the island you wish to get to the top (which provides a beautiful view) you must take into account the total distance is equivalent to climbing a building of twelve floors.

Vacation Packages Iguazu Falls

Macuco Catwalk

Macuco Catwalk Iguazu FallsFor those who love watching nature, this is one of the traditional hiking trails within the National Park. This is an old logging minced, 3600 meters (one way) by the middle of the jungle, with varying degrees of difficulty. The starting point of this catwalk is located a few meters from the Research Center. At the end of the catwalk you reach a waterfall of 20 meters, which is hidden in the jungle. This waterfall is named the Arrechea waterfall, it has got a small beach where bathing is NOT allowed. The staircase leading down to the fall has a high degree of difficulty.

The whole tour is a unique opportunity to learn about the jungle environment and, if you are lucky, you may closely observe the fauna of the region. The walk can be done in two hours, bring bottled water and insect repellent. We recommend that you ask for the booklet of this path in the Public Assistance Office, you will find all necessary information. Another recommendation: Do not enter after 4 pm in winter (5 pm in summer) because you will not have time to return with daylight.

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