Iguazu falls one of the most important destinations of Argentina


Iguazú is “the destination”, since it has infinity of attractions, adrenaline, relax and adventure, everything is possible in Iguazú.
The main attraction, of course, is the Iguazú Falls, in its park of the same name, the visit modalities are many, being able to choose to enter the jungle train, navigating near its fall or acceding to the different footbridges, each modality It is an adventure in itself.
The Green Path is a path without difficulty, when crossing it you will arrive to a bathing where you can appreciate the animal and vegetable species of the area in addition to practicing the activity of bird watching. Through this trail you can access the jungle train.
The upper circuit stands out for being the point that has the best panoramic view of the whole park, from there you can see the upper balconies and San Martín Island, through which you can access the Devil’s Throat.
The train of the jungle is the star of the park, with 3700 meters of tracks, arrives at each station, from which you can continue to another or practice trekking on the catwalks, your final destination is the Devil’s Throat, Walkway that crosses the balcony from which you can enjoy this imposing view.
The lower circuit stands out for taking us to the most known jumps, until reaching the impressive Salto Bossetti, an important waterfall.
But not only the Iguazu National Park is the protagonist, there are attractions that will give us the dimension of the missionary nature: The Garden of the hummingbirds, the Güiráoga Recovery Center and La Aripuca, with its indigenous imprint from its traditions and roots, among others.
The Garden of the Hummingbirds is a green space where you will find 15 different species of hummingbirds, the sensation of full contact with nature becomes tangible and real since you will have infinity of hummingbirds flying around you, showing their colorful and colorful plumage.
Unique examples, such as the emerald hummingbird, the white throat, the violet crown and the red hummingbird, among others, dazzle. An unforgettable experience.
The Guiraoga Recovery Center is dedicated to rescuing animals from the missionary jungle that arrive at the refuge, coming from fauna, wounded or that the same population has found at risk. It is a unique opportunity to recognize the native fauna of the jungle, it is not a zoo, it is a refuge.
La Aripuca will make you know the missionary forest from the point of view of ecological awareness, it is an ideal trip to go with children, since, from the same access door, that message is transmitted, you can tour with guide and buy handicrafts , As well as a fast food stall.
Iguazu is nature in its fullness, the ways to travel it varies with each visitor, from the magical experience of visiting the falls in the moonlight, arriving at them with the train of the jungle, to the adrenaline in all its expression sailing with the Dew of the cataracts on the face. Unique, unmissable, magical, this is Iguazu, an unforgettable destination.

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