Tourism in Puerto Iguazu, Misiones

Puerto Iguazu Tourism in Misiones Province. Argentina Latin america.

Owner of the far north of the province of Misiones, the city of Puerto Iguazú forms the region of the Great Waters adorned with the most charming landscapes and exciting that nature could have given.
Majestic waterfalls, unique colors, lush vegetation, wildlife incredibly varied, natural melodies, and much more, this paradise of Argentina is worth visiting at all times.
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Puerto Iguazú is located in proximity to the mouth of the Iguazu River favored by its links with Brazil through the International Bridge “Tancredo Neves”, which added to his natural privileges, it has motivated the development of a major tourist infrastructure. Wide range of accommodation, varied menu of regional and international cuisine, shopping and great nightlife, all harmonized by the humid subtropical climate characteristic of the area, let the pleasant stay of visitors confirming the positioning of the city as tourist center.

Its main attraction, Iguazu Falls, an earthly paradise depleting the shades of green and red drawing breathtaking scenery, inevitably attracts every tourist who steps missionary ground, inviting him to tour its walkways specially prepared for the discovery of every corner. Located in Iguazu National Park, one of the first protected areas in Latin America, we can find the amazing Iguazu Falls. This National Park is guarding the largest wildlife reserves of the country and one of the richest in the world in terms of biodiversity, becoming a space that no lover of nature can miss.

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Spacious and gracious, the city of Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, offers tourists various other alternatives, among which visits villages and Yriapú Mbororé aborigines, the home of the birds; Hito Tres Fronteras, Indian Orchid; Complex The Aripuca; Wanda Mines; Andresito, all possessing different but equally amazing beauties.

Adventure, culture and nature can be found in this town in the province of Misiones that is covering the most diverse activities and vacations turning the region into an indescribable experience of sensations.

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