Photographic tour of Iguazu Falls

Enjoy the best of Iguazu Falls will take three days, but if you want to meet other attractions of the province, should think about a week at least.
We suggest JESUIT RUINS and Wanda Mines
There are various times of the year with a massive influx of tourism, both nationally and internationally.
All year you can visit the Falls.
While there are many options divertimento typical obviously most prominent alternatives have to do with the exuberant nature of the region.
The Iguazu falls is to appreciate and enjoy the peace and tranquility of the silence of the forest or the energizing sound of water falling from the top.
Through these pathways, stairways, bridges, walkways and balconies walkable large part of the Park, allowing a close look different jumps:
Lower Circuit: This beautiful ride lets you see the falls from a place very close, surrounded by jungle.
Upper Circuit: from this circuit can access different viewpoints and appreciate the particular jungle islands Upper Iguassu River.
Alternatively, go to the bird observatory, located one kilometer from the Visitor Center, which overlooks the inhabitants of the marsh. The Macuco you one of the traditional outlets for lovers of nature observation. Yacaratiá Trail offers an interesting approach to the jungle.
Boat excursions to the foot of the falls and a truck safari for jungle path.

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