National Day of Yerba Mate

Since the Guarani Indians used it as a tea, the yerba mate took center stage in the whole territory of Misiones, establishing itself as a representative product of the area of the country. The best yerbatales are located in the province of Misiones, but this product who achieved international popularity has its own party.

travel agency from Argentina has informed that this year the “National and International Yerba Mate Festival” will be held, as usual for several years, in the city of Apóstoles, located 68 km. from Posadas the capital city of the province.
iguazuThis event will take place on November 4th to 9th 2014. Are already confirmed important musical figures and it is expected the arrival of a large number of tourists.
The Apostoles lodges are comfortable and within the hotel you will find services that you use during your stay in the city.
Here you can make tours to explore the life of the people of Apostoles. Another site to visit is the “Casa de la Yerba Mate”, where you can see related mates and the symbolic product of the missionaries, the yerba exhibitions.
In July 1961 a law through the annual celebration of this feast is set and then designates the city of Apostoles, as the permanent location of the celebration.
With the passage of time, this party, I caught the attention of foreigners, who come to this province of Litoral to celebrate.
Yerba mate consumption in Argentina is so widespread that it even has its own festival. In the town of Apostoles, located in the province yerbatera is quintessential as Misiones, held annually since 1944 and this festival, through which have passed many of the biggest names in the folk music of Argentina.
misionesIn the province of Misiones Argentina, yerba mate, besides being a major source of income, is a reason to celebrate. As in many other sides holiday inherent to other products are made, the missionaries do with yours: yerba mate. For this reason is that, every year, in the town of Apostles the national holiday of yerba mate is made.
On the stage of the national holiday of yerba mate have passed local folk musicians of the caliber of Horacio Guarany, Antonio Tarrago Ros, Chango Spaciuk or Luciano Pereyra, among many others. The climate of fellowship and friendship that permeates the festival is unique and matchless. So since 1944, the month of November in Apostles stained revelry and celebration. Is that, in this way, he pays tribute to yerba mate, the quintessential drink of Argentina that area. From Apostoles town you also can continue a trip to Iguazu falls.

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