World Migratory Bird Day ( WMBD )

birds of paradise

With the theme “Destination Air Route : Migratory Birds and Tourism” , World Migratory Bird Day ( WMBD ) 2014 highlights the link between conservation of migratory birds, the development of local communities and tourism in wildlife observation worldwide.
Each year, more than a billion tourists crossing international borders. A rich biodiversity is an attraction for tourism, and the spectacular movements of migratory birds in the world are no exception . If properly managed , tourism activities related to birds , such as observation or photography of birds can serve as the basis for a mutually beneficial relationship between people and migratory birds. For the campaign of 2014, WMBD has partnered with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO ) to highlight project Destination Air Route . Led by UNWTO and implemented along with several partners with extensive experience in the field of conservation and tourism , Air Routes To develop sustainable tourism in destinations along the migratory routes of the world ‘s largest bird , also known as flyways . By channeling tourism revenue to the conservation of these places, the project aims to protect bird habitats , while creating long-term opportunities for green jobs in local communities . For the campaign of 2014 WMBD Destination Air Routes works as an example of how tourism developed around migratory birds can be a vehicle for environmental sustainability and economic partner , benefiting nature, local communities and tourists simultaneously.
Not everyone is aware of the diversity of birds in the world , the amazing migration undertaken some of them and the phenomenal range of behaviors exhibited plumages and songs . International Migratory Bird Day ( IMBD ) 2014 shares the many ways in which the birds are relevant to the world , to ecosystems and of course for us.

Some bird species provide practical solutions to problems such as the need to control insects and rodents. Other birds spread seeds , helping to revegetate disturbed areas. Others are pollinators and ensure that we enjoy the graceful plants, trees and flowering shrubs . Beyond the practical, inspiring birds are important art .

Amadeus Mozart had a pet starling that motivated his Introductory Note Piano Concerto No. 17 in G. Beethoven used the songs of thrushes and blackbirds and several tracks contain the cuckoo . Paintings, poetry and , of course , the art of steel drum IMBD 2014 express intangible fun birds provide us daily. Join us to promote , through the International Migratory Bird Day , awareness about birds and why they are of great value .

Iguazu Falls paradise of birds

Iguazu National Park is one of the last redoubts of the subtropical forest of Paraná and is the region of greatest biological variety of the country , guarding the home of thousands of species.
Did you know? – The Iguazú National Park is the country’s largest birdwatching destination.
Of the thousand kinds of birds recorded in Argentina , 430 species flying in the skies of the region. Groups such as Parrots and Toucans act in the dispersion of fruit, or for hummingbirds , involved in the pollination of flowers . By clearing the dead animals collaborate Jote Jote Black Head and Red Head , and those who hunt for food are kingfishers , Herons , the Anhinga , the Woodpecker .
Some species are of special value to be endangered or being the only park where they were detected . This is the case of Swift cascade bird that symbolizes the Iguazu National Park. With its pointed wings in a ” boomerang ” is profiled in swift flight over the falls.
This Swift sleeps and nests only in the rocky walls behind waterfalls . He is seen in large flocks , flying over mountains and villages in search of insects , consuming in flight. The Swifts behave as a powerful natural ” insecticide ” .


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