Ruins of San Ignacio or Iguazu Falls vacation packages

Full day tour to the Ruins of San Ignacio and the Wanda Mines

Visit the Ruins of San Ignacio, a World Heritage Site, is after the Falls, the most impressive outing of Puerto Iguazu to add in your Iguazu Falls vacation packages.

The Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Mini, declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 1984, is a real journey to the beginnings of the conquest and colonization of the New World.

Wanda minesIn the regular excursions will take this excursion to visit also the Mines of Wanda, a semi-precious stones deposit which is located 40 km. away from Puerto Iguazu. Once you arrive in the mines you will be accompanied by an English speaking tourist guide in order to visit around the site of extraction of the stones. You will be able to see the stones in their “natural” state. For instance there are quartz crystals, amethyst, topaz, agate and others. There is a place where the stones are carved and sold.

Iguazu Falls Vacation Packages

After visiting the mines of Wanda you will continue on Route 12, passing through small towns and plantations to reach the ruins of San Ignacio. These buildings date from the seventeenth century, when Jesuit missionaries settled in the region.

San Ignacio RuinsSan Ignacio Mini was one of the most emblematic Jesuit reservations in South America. The current excellent condition of the ruins will allow you to see how it operated the project of converting the Guarani Indians into catholic. It is also possible to see samples of a powerful religious syncretism in art and science.The tour will explain how the system was built by the Jesuits, life and customs of the Guarani Indians and how the Jesuits caught the Indians to their religion.

It is a full day excursion and it is highly recommended that you add this excursion in your Iguazu Falls vacation packages Feel free to contact us for a quotation for your next travel to Argentina or Iguazu Falls.

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