Puerto Iguazu hotels are fully booked in July

Hotels and vacation packages in Iguazu Falls are operating with full occupancy

After a weekend with sustained tourist arrivals, the winter season reached its peak yesterday in the Iguazu Falls. With hotels in Iguazu in full, demand for property is transferred to other parts of the North. Average daily visits to the National Park Iguazú income exceeds 4,000 since early July.

Hotels in Iguazu Falls

Since the camera business and municipal entity Falls Tourism said the occupancy of hotel spaces that city and over 90 percent and estimated that in the coming days will achieve the full house. As in the last summer, demand for property is transferred to nearby cities to Iguazu, causing a “spillover effect” that benefits the entire area.
Ghione Marcelo member of the Chamber of Tourism of Iguazú, noted that since the industry estimate that “in the course of the week it will load the tourism sector and reach 100 percent of hotel occupancy in the city.”
The businessman stressed that the bulk of the hotel demand comes from domestic tourism, especially in Buenos Aires and other provinces in the center of the country.
Meanwhile, the manager of the company Iguazu Argentina, concessionaire services at the falls area, Alcides Capra, confirmed that in the first fortnight of July, about four thousand people a day visited the Iguazu National Park. Capra found that the second half of July is better than the first, as the most populated provinces only yesterday began their winter holidays.

Iguazu Falls Vacation Packages

Price in pesos for Hotels in Iguazu Falls

Another factor that, business judgment, affects the good performance of Iguazu Falls, is that all hotels accept pesos, which represents a comparative advantage in times of controls on foreign exchange purchases, especially from foreign destinations such as Uruguay, which usually attract tourists from Argentina.
Ghione also assessed the performance of the re-registration of accommodation that is carried forward from the e Iturem Falls.

18,000 passengers in Posadas

The administrator of the bus station from Posadas, Luis Fiege, said that since last weekend come to that place between 16,000 and 18,000 passengers per day.
He said the movement started on Thursday last week, following the winter break in schools in Buenos Aires, which was to mobilize and increase the flow of passengers who came from Retiro.
He explained that all companies, as long as middle distance, are working with reinforcements, which determined that from last Thursday until today, the average daily passengers reaching the provincial capital through the terminal, ranges between 16,000 to 18,000. He emphasized that even on Sundays, which are usually days with less vacation time arrivals, show good movement.
The official estimated that the activity will continue at the same level for at least the next two weeks, especially during the weekends.

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