Jungle train and Garganta del Diablo in Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls

Jungle Train

  • Length of lying: 3700 meters.
  • Accessibility: High.
  • Difficulty: access stairs to each station, access to each car on a level floor, space for wheelchairs in each formation.
  • Estimated travel time: 10 minutes between Central Station and Cataratas Station and 15 minutes from Cataratas Station and Garganta del Diablo Station.
  • Health and bar: in each of the seasons.

The Rainforest Ecological Train was designed and built for the movement of tourists in the Iguazu Falls area of the Iguazu National Park in order to access faster to the attractions.

It’s powered by Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), which does not pollute the environment or leave solid waste because it has a clean combustion. Moves to no more than 18 kilometers per hour, with a very low noise impact,

Designed exclusively for the Iguazú National Park by the English company Alan Keef Limited (specialist train ride to other parks in Asia and Europe), adapted to the special characteristics of climate, lush surrounding nature and space preservation in which it operates.

Is open, so that its 250 passengers come in direct contact with the environment and live the experience that introduces a walk in the jungle and makes them perceive their sounds, smells and moisture.

It has its starting point in the very near all the services area and shops Central Station, and in which access is Macuco Trail. From there start training every 15 or twenty minutes, depending on demand.

The intermediate station is Iguazu, from which you access the upper and lower circuits and the crossing to Isla San Martin.

Terminates at the Garganta del Diablo Station, from where the runway length of 1,100 meters spanning the Upper Iguazú river ends at the balcony from which this wonderful jump is contemplated.

Garganta del Diablo

· Length: 2200 meters (total return).
· Accessibility: High
Difficulty: No. No stairs.
· Estimated Time of visit: 2 hours.
· Health and bar: 20 m from access to the walkway that leads to the final Mirador.

The tour enabled to reach the lookout balcony of the Garganta del Diablo majestic allows visitors to approach a few meters from the most important and mighty leap of the 275 that make up the system of Iguazu Falls, whose image has traveled the world, similar a giant funnel that swallows the planet.

The itinerary begins about 1,100 meters before the monumental fall, when descending the Rainforest Ecological Train Station in Garganta del Diablo, designed with the purpose of generating the least possible environmental impact.

There enjoyment environment offering the river and its small islands of forest, home to countless picturesque intense blue jays begins.

The walkway leading to the balcony that faces the jump is just over a kilometer in length, is suitable for safe and quiet, either walking or wheelchair transfer due to the absence of obstacles and its absolutely flat character.

The end of the tour, on the balcony, gives us a magical and unique moment, staring at a huge wall of water over 80 meters high, located on the border of Argentina with the sister Republic of Brazil.

The folding system catwalks Park was designed especially for, against a dramatic increase in the flow of water from the Rio Iguazu, gateways are not damaged.

When the river is low, the rails are raised walkways and allow the movement of people to the Balcony of the Devil’s Throat.

When the river rises, are refuted to allow the flow of water to pass through by reducing the resistance, thereby enabling to pass a trunk floating above.

And if the river level is very high, the flow velocity increases, and that’s when the runways, detach themselves, to avoid compromising the concrete structure. Once the swelling down again, riding the structure sections are reset.

When this process eventually occurs, the public does not agree to this circuit for safety, but the park does not close at any time, and those who are visiting can come to enjoy the splendor that acquire the rest of the jumps when the river rises, since offer an unusual majesty that can only be appreciated in these cases.

This system of walkways and security, proposed and approved by the National Parks Administration was possible thanks to the work of replacement of old walkways of the park for current, characterized by an ecological architectural development specially designed for that in this type of natural events, structural piles safeguard, preventing the circuit is closed for years, as with the previous infrastructure.

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