Iguazu Falls had a new record of tourists

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Iguazu Falls set a new record in terms of number of visitors and a total of 160,112 people visited the Iguazu Falls National Park in July, the new “wonder” natural achieved a 18.14 percent more visits than the same month last year.

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From Iguazu Argentina, concessionaire services at the Iguazu National Park, reported that July ended with 160,112 visits. Of all visits, approximately 80 percent were of domestic origin and the busiest day was Wednesday 18 July, which marked a new record in the Park with 11,232 people.
These numbers were also felt in the hotel capacity, since the large influx of visitors overflowed widely available supply in Puerto Iguazu. There were significant peaks of occupation, which saw families sleeping in their cars, and neighbors who rented their properties to tourists and moved into a family house to rent their homes to tourists.

So it was that many who came to the city without reservation, even had to travel to another towns to get accommodation. This process benefits to nearby towns and not as close as Puerto Libertad, Wanda, Esperanza, El dorado, Monte Carlo, Capioví and Puerto Rico, among others that were greatly benefited by the “spill” that occurred by demand and presented for most of the season a 100 percent occupancy in their seats

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