The catwalks of the devil’s throat circuit in Iguazu Falls National Park

Garganta del diablojum Gateways, walking a mile on the Iguazu River to the viewpoint of symbolic border falls Brazil, were formally reopened this morning by authorities of National Parks (APN), the concessionaire of the tourist area of Iguazu, Iguazu Argentina, and Missions.

The ceremony took place on the balcony most visited Iguazu Falls, opposite the largest of its 275 falls, led by President of the NPC, Carlos Corvalan; Tourism Minister missionary, Sergio Dobrusin; Mayor of Iguazu National Park, Sergio Bikauskas and Roberto Enriquez and Alcides Capra, Iguazu Argentina.

Until then, the authorities came after moving to Puerto Canoas in the Rainforest Ecological Train, which connects the most important points of the tourism sector.

To a group of guests, national media and foreign tourists who wanted to be the first to again enjoy this circuit, Corvalan highlighted the work of recovery of 1,200 meters walkways that were damaged last great flooding of Iguazú River.

“Being here today with this tour enabled again brings to mind all the efforts that were made from National Parks and from the private sector to accelerate the timing of the work and make ends year with visitors from around the world enjoying this unique place, “he said.

The official said that “it is undoubtedly a sign of joint work and a conjunction of goals between the actors involved in the provision of turists the protected area services.”

The representatives of state and private both highlighted “the professionalism and commitment made manifest by the 45 affected workers to the work, which in 90 days, managed to restore 90% of Circuit Devil’s Throat,” said the firm concession to the press.

Iguazú Argentina also stated that the circuit was reopened “after the INTI (National Institute of Industrial Technology), certify that security conditions are given to enable the public use of the majestic walk”.

Last June, due to rains in the catchment Falls (mostly in Brazil), the flow is typically 1,500 cubic meters per second (m3 / s) exceeded in a few days 46,000 m3 / s, which consisted of more registered river flooding in its history.

On June 8, when the flow exceeded 4,000 m3 / s was launched security protocol modules and gateways are disputed, that offered no resistance to currents and thus avoid damage to the foundation piles .

Of the hundred or modules that make up the 1,200 meter runways -usually about 10 feet above the water 82 were swept downstream, as contemplated by the protocol, where then recovered at low water, for reassembling.

This system was installed in 1996, after decades in which floods, even lower than this year (the maximum was 36 thousand m3 / s in 1992) destroyed the piles and left disabled by years the viewing gallery.

When the water came down the right level to recover the modules and reinstall them last September, began the task took about 90 days and whose safety standards were certified by the INTI.

This morning, hundreds of foreign tourists, the Brazilian and Chinese were the first to re-enter the viewpoint of the Garganta del Diablo after the flood, which were taken thousands of memory and exclaimed his awe at the majesty of falls.

Iguazu Falls, chosen as one of the Seven Wonders of the World in 2011, again this year exceeded 1.2 million visitors, even with this circuit closed for six months.

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