Butterflies in their natural environment

butterfly in iguazu fallsThe observation of butterflies in their natural environment requires a good deal of practice and patience. Since butterflies are biological indicators , learn from them can help us better understand the ecology of the Misiones rainforest preservation and appreciation .
In the province of Misiones are very conspicuous and does not take much effort to find them , unless environmental conditions are appropriate. If the temperature and humidity are high and the day is sunny , it is the ideal time . If it is warm but cloudy surely be lesser activity as on a sunny day .
The cold rainy days almost no butterflies , like the days or months with drought , or when the temperature exceeds 40 ° C.
The best times to find them are the hottest hours of the day, from 10 am to 16 pm , while the early hours of the morning may be better to try to photograph them.
butterfly in iguazu fallsThere are a few species that are easier to see at dawn or dusk ( like the butterfly owl ) , but can also be found in shady places during the day. We can find them all year but September to May find greater number of species and individuals , with a peak in the summer months. After a rain and when the temperature rises again observed greater number of copies that may emerge from cocoons with moisture.

Butterflies add some 170,000 species worldwide , of which only about 10% are diurnal . They form within the insect order Lepidoptera , only outnumbered by the Coleoptera (beetles ) . In our country almost 1,300 species are known diurnal and nocturnal are estimated to number several thousand . The butterfly fauna is diverse in Misiones jungle , home to three quarters of those species in Argentina .

Recommendations to contemplate and know them :

butterfly in iguazu falls– The best places to find them are in forest edges or clearings where there is enough sunlight although there are many understory species rarely find outside of the jungle.
– Certain species of flowers are good places where you can see butterflies even though many do not feed on nectar and attend only animal dung , rotting fruit and tree sap exudates .
– Once you have found the species should be approached as slowly as possible without making sudden movements and especially not to cover the butterfly with our shadow .
– If possible take picture of both faces of the specimen.
– It is very helpful to write in the book all aspects that may be relevant such as time, date , time , temperature, location , species attempt behavior , flowers or plant where it sits , etc. .
butterfly in iguazu falls– The data can be of great help to identify the butterfly later if it was possible to identify the place of discovery . It should begin to familiarize yourself with the families and subfamilies.
– It is better to go first to a place closer to our home to go to the jungle , where there are many more species and more difficult to recognize .

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