Adventure Tours in Puerto Iguazu


Puerto iguazuThis tour is the perfect combination of navigation and jungle. In units 4 x 4 all terrain undertake the adventure of traveling 12 km along the Misiones jungle, watching and knowing the various species of flora and fauna.
Arriving in Puerto Macuco, we board the Zodiac boats and sail 12 km down the rapids of the lower Iguazu to usher in the barrel of the Garganta del Diablo.
We’ll continue to Salto San Martin and Three Musketeers to give us a “shower” in Iguazu falls. Finally it landed in front of San Martin Island.
Duration: 1 hour 45 min.
The boats are equipped with life jackets for each passenger and meets the safety standards of the National Guard. Enjoy the adventure tour on the Argentina side.


This circuit takes place at 7 km from the city of Puerto Iguazú and the Paraná River in Port Peninsula Forest Reserve by the Remount and Veterinary Directorate of the Argentine Army.
Circuit description:
To arrive at the circuit is traversed in 4 x 4 vehicles within a 15 km of forest in an improved way.
Since the beginning of the circuit takes place 5 km trail along a creek until the Tiger Leap, a few meters of the Parana River.
There on the jump performed assisted rappel. The rebate can also be done in the dry rock.
Then perform zip across the canyon tiger sitting on a harness hanging from a rope.
After these activities are performed trekking along the Arroyo del Tigre. During this journey you will observe the flora and fauna. Then in the 4 x 4 vehicles, undertake a journey through the jungle to reach the area of the giant cañafístolas. There they shall climb up a rope ladder to a platform in the treetops at 30 meters. From there they will observe the roof of the jungle.
From the platform will perform cannopy to another tree, with an indescribable feeling.
The tour lasts about 5 hours. It can be done in the morning or afternoon. You can perform all the activities or just some different variants (such as off road journey, jungle biking).
During the trip passengers will be accompanied by expert guides to interpret nature. In groups of more than 20 passengers are 2 guides and a coordinator.
The tour does not require great physical effort, as they are assisted by harnesses. It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and something to be changed to not wet the entire trip.
Sun Falls Tourism provides repellent, bottled water for the journey and first aid kit. It is advisable to hire a photographer.

Activities are done with all the necessary safety equipment: harnesses, helmets, and are assisted by trained before staff during and after the activity.
The completion of the tour could be done with a roast on a ranch that is located within the reserve.


It is a walk of 20 miles by trail Yacaratiá located in the area of ​​Iguazú National Park Reserve.
The route of the trail, which takes about two hours, is performed on specially prepared and open vehicles, in order to photograph and film in comfort. This is very important because in the jungle treetops harbor unique life forms: epiphytes such as orchids, cacti and bromeliads, trees “chokes” and a variety of birds and mammals exclusively arboreal habits like squirrels and monkeys.
During the ride stops and walks in which an expert guide interpreter of nature is the link between the visitor and the environment are made.
Historical places of the Iguazu National Park is also visiting.


The tour takes place within Iguazú National Park (Argentina side) in the area of ​​Iguazú National Park Reserve.
The ride consists of a stretch of the route 4 km Yacaratiá the Path (which is closed to public traffic) in four wheel drive vehicles, discovered and equipped for this purpose.
Throughout this journey will Explanatory stops making intimate contact with nature.
Then he continues to trail by 800 meters Macuco, culminating in the Arrechea with a natural pool called “The Pozón”. In this wonderful natural paradise will have free time to rest and have a snack.
Then he returned to the vehicle to return to the Visitor Center.
The whole tour company has a specialized guide who acts as a liaison between visitors and the environment, explaining the whole issue on the dynamics of the forest.
Duration: 2 hours.
Degree of difficulty: Low.


The tour begins at the Devil’s Throat walkway.
There we boarded the rafts to paddle Upper Iguazú River to harness its power and make a float. During the voyage Raft enjoy the delta, birds and flora, with guides that will help us to interpret the nature and discover the jungle in all its glory.
This float is amazing in terms of intimate contact with nature and peace of the environment. At the end of the floating ashore at Puerto Tres Marias.
Then we will go on vehicles with traction 4 x 4 to the Visitor Center Station bordering the Upper Iguazú River.

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